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Thank you for finding! And thank you for reading my story.

I have a heart for the disabled for I am disabled.  I am legally blind.

Since the days of my diagnosis, I’ve envisioned an organization that thinks and acts for the "least of these.”  

Enable World collaborates with all interested parties concerned with technology by-passing the disabled.  Whether disabled veterans, disabled due to accident, or disabled by birth, provides opportunities for the disabled to thrive, live a life of fulfillment, and know the world desires for them to live a life of full potential. Enable World works with inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, and funders to realize this goal.

While our headquarters is located in Florida, we know no boundaries and our reach is nationally and internationally.

Our Vision is to provide opportunity and technology thereby enabling the disabled to thrive, live a life of fulfillment, and know the world desires for them to live a life of full potential. 

Our strategy includes:

  • Strategic Investment in technological startups
  • Strategic Investment in nonprofit charities 
  • Providing Employment and Volunteer opportunities 
  • Education, training, workforce development, workshops and webinars 
  • Strategic Communication on our cause
  • All proceeds flowing towards Enable World’s mission to enable the disabled through technological innovation

Our Abundance Mentality: A lot of humanity’s growth bypasses disabled people. With the current pandemic it’s been challenging for abled people, we can only imagine how challenging just living life for Disabled people would be in the current state of the world. Hence instead of forming yet another charity to help disabled people, we want to help as many charities as we can. These are Charities/non-profit organizations that help the disabled ONLY.

Enable the Disabled,

Harish Beeram

Founder, increases quality of life for persons with disabilities by collaborating with inventors, researchers, and funders to create technological innovations to  enhance mobility, support the senses, and improve relationships.